What About Allergies? Do Allergies Have an Influence on Autism?

Allergies, do they influence or have an affect on the disorder of autism? If so, how? This is the question many parents, caregivers and experts want to know. Many of these people believe that dairy products have been a concern for children with autism due to the fact, that many of them are intolerant of these products. For example, foods, such as eggs or products containing casein or wheat products, that contain, gluten.

The reason allergies seem to influence autism, is, researchers have discovered that the dairy products cause confusion to the brain and many believe this could cause autism. Of course, others believe allergies which include dairy products, have nothing to do with autism.

In addition, there are theories of allergies, that the stomachs of some autistic people lack the enzymes needed to digest some proteins, that some dairy products contain. Therefore, these proteins could cause harm to their brains by traveling into their bloodstream. These proteins that are not digested, may also cause diarrhea or constipation that is common in many autistic children. This will have an influence on the individual with autism.

There have been reports from parents who have removed dairy products or wheat products, from the diet of their child and have stated, their child has improved with the disorder from autism. This includes, better digestion, better moods, they are more calm, and they seem to sleep better.

Another subject that has been considered and reinforced, is, that many of the dietary proteins endorses the theory of, opioid peptide, and it appears, that these proteins can function like opiates, or painkillers, in the digestive system for individuals, who are unable to digest them. Which indicates, allergies do have an influence on autism,

Allergies can also be caused by too much metal in the system of the person with autism. This has been viewed and might happen from genetic causes or the environment they live in. Some examples of these metals, are, fish, such as tuna, dental fillings that are amalgams, lead-based paint, well or tap water, some vaccines, swimming pools, and hot tubs that are treated with copper sulfate, cigarette smoke, and if the family lives by power-plants that gives off a discharge of heavy-metals.

One must realize, that there are some individuals with autism, who have high levels of metals in their systems. But this does not mean all cases of autism have heavy-metals in their systems or this is the cause of autism, including certain dairy products. There may be an allergic reaction to some of the heavy-metals and some dairy products, if found in the systems of people with autism, but most of the time, this can be corrected with the proper diagnosis and testing.

Parents and caregivers should realize, it is wise to have your child with autism tested for allergies, to find out if they have them and which one, if they do have allergies, that could influence their disorder. Ask your family doctor, or a qualified doctor who is aware of some of these concerns and controversies, that may influence your child with autism, if they do have allergies.

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