What Alcoholics And Athletes Have In Common

When a person reaches out for help with their alcoholism and begins treatment, one of the guiding pieces of information is the motto "One day at a time." The thought behind this is that facing everything they hope to accomplish can be overwhelming and lead to a relapse. By focusing on just getting through today, however, it becomes something far more manageable and easier to attain. People who have been successfully in recovery for years still maintain this focus, because they know that looking too far ahead, imagining results before they do the work to get there, puts them in danger of not succeeding. This can also be said when it comes to sports performance in Miami.

A professional football player may be thinking about winning the Super Bowl when he goes to the gym for the first day during his off-season, but he knows that unless he puts the work in every day, he will not make it there. Instead, he turns his attention to what he has to accomplish that day. There is an element of faith - backed up by science and studies - that over time, the results of the work will accumulate and he will be faster, stronger and more agile, ready to be at the top of his game, but he has to let that go and devote his energy and attention to this one day.

The commonality here is not only taking it one day at a time, but also in understanding that means taking NoDaysOFF. As they struggle with the challenge, as they feel resentment at not accomplishing all they want to and as they think about how much still lies ahead, the temptation to take a day off, to slip, can grow and become more desirable. The question that each one of them has to ask, the alcoholic and the athlete alike, is what does that they one day off accomplish?

The answer is nothing. Now they have fallen back, now they have to start over, and now the challenge becomes bigger because of the guilt they put on themselves. Neither one of them can afford that day off, and this is what they have in common and what separates them from the average person who has joined a gym or started taken boot camp Miami classes. They say to themselves, "I'm tired, I think I'll skip a day" or "I'd rather go out to dinner than go to the gym" and soon the days off become more common than the days on.

Success in every endeavor in life comes from commitment, and commitment means NoDaysOFF. Regardless of what you are trying to do in your life, you can and will succeed if you take it one day at a time.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer and fitness enthusiast who believes a healthy lifestyle incorporates body, mind and spirit. http://www.legacyfit.com

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