What Are The Benefits Of Using LTO 7 Tapes? The Convenience Which LTO 7 Tapes Can Afford You

Introducing LTO 7 Technology

All around the globe, companies are turning to LTO 7 technology to afford them protection for their most valuable content and data. Its design blends in several attributes in optimal fashion to afford the users industry-leading compatibility, performance, interchange as well as cost-control functions in open format.

Users can expect to benefit from native storage of up to 6 TB and 15 TB in compressed form. This means that LTO 7 tapes deliver more than twice the compressed capacity of previous-generation LTO tape drives. As well, having a transfer rate of up to 300 MB/s in native state and 750 MB/s in compressed state makes them even faster as well than the older versions. It amounts to transfer of nearly 2.7 TB of compressed data per hour.

LTO 7 technology offers refined compatibility that enables long-term protection of data. LTO 7 tape drives have capacity of reading and writing to LTO 6 cartridges and reading LTO 5 cartridges. The technology they employ also facilitates interchange between media and drive vendors to afford users the application of diverse kinds of media and products.

Encryption of LTO tape drive is a specified function of all the available generations of LTO products beginning with LTO 4. This features an AES-GCM algorithm of 256 symmetric keys implemented at drive level. It enables compression before encryption, maximizing tape-capacities and delivering high performance during the backup process. The LTO Program WORM implementation is customized to afford users a cost-effective way of storing data in non-rewritable format that addresses compliance regulations.

Due to the growing role which regulatory compliance plays, there is presently a great need for having a cost-effective medium for preserving corporate data in a format that is non-erasable, unalterable and non-rewritable. A large number of competing brands are manufacturing LTO drives and cartridges compatible with each other. The LTO 7 generation is compatible with both LTO 6 and 5 drives, which enables users to maximize on the products with changing requirements of technology.

The Convenience Which LTO 7 Tapes Can Afford You

Storing information on a disk can leave data open to compromise from threats of malware on all linked computers within any business. This can result in data damage that affects an entire company.

The LTO tape is stored offline, which enables it to avail better protection and prevention against such threats. LTO 7 raises stakes for backup tape, since it exhibits 6.4 TB in uncompressed storage capacity. This figure is double what LTO 6 drives can manage at capacity of 3.2 TB. Compressed storage amounts can easily reach maximum levels of 16 TB that is more than twice the 6.25 TB maximum achieved with LTO 6 tape drives.

Users of LTO 7 tape drives can look forward to having the ability of storing far more data within smaller space-amounts, but at higher speeds too. Combining higher speeds with better capacities of storage makes the LTO 7 a prudent product that saves time and cost for long-term storage of data.

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