What Are The Vital Steps Of Installing Artificial Grass On Your Garden?

Are you planning installing turf on your garden? Nowadays most of the household owners consider installing artificial grass in order to enhance the look of the front yard. Installing of the fake grass is not at all a challenging job but one should consider various points in order to get the best results. Below have been highlighted some of the steps for turf installation in a garden.

1. Preparing The Base Before Installation

This is the first important point that you should consider before starting the installation process. Make sure to remove unwanted real grass from the ground. In order to remove the top level of the soil it will be wise to dig about 100mm throughout the specific area on which you have planned to install the artificial lawn. It is also recommended to use an efficient tool to remove the debris from the ground.

2. Built An Adequate Drainage System

Before installing the artificial grass, you need to build an adequate drainage system. Try to determine the amount of rain that you experience throughout the year. If there is light rainfall then it will be wise to keep small gaps for proper drainage.

3. Installation Of Water Proof Border

The next important step is to install a water proof border throughout the perimeter in order to prevent the artificial grass from collapsing. Make sure the border does not extend beyond the level of the grass in order to prevent proper drainage of excess water.

4. Smoothen The Base Properly

Now it's time to smoothen the base on which you will be installing the artificial grass. Evenly place the crushed granite on the total surface area to level the base. Make sure the granite is placed evenly throughout the area. You can use a roller to get rid of bumps and tighten the total base.

5. Lay The Artificial Grass

Now the final stage is to lay the artificial grass on the specific area of your garden. You should spread the whole turf properly to prevent unwanted wrinkles. If you notice any wrinkle then make sure to spread the artificial grass for some time until it gets evenly placed. It will be wise for you to check out whether the size of the artificial grass matches the total base area. Make sure to cut out unnecessary parts using a sharp knife. It is highly recommended to use weather resistant adhesive to fix the artificial grass properly on the ground.

6. Seal The Lawn Properly

Lastly you must seal the artificial lawn with the help of sand. Make sure to spread required quantity of sand through the artificial grass. You can use a broom to evenly spread the sand on the grass. This process will help in straightening the artificial grass on your garden. Once this process is completed, sweep the total surface using a blower.

These are some of the vital points that you need to analyze during turf installation. If you are unable to perform the steps properly then it will be wise for you to hire a firm that is highly experienced in installing artificial grass.

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