What Are Your Options When Shopping For A Little Girl's Hat?

If you have ever had the chance to go through girls' clothes in the store, it is highly probable that you came across a wide variety of colors, prints and styles. Dresses, skirts, pants, shorts and all kinds of tops are what make up many girls' wardrobes. These items of clothing need to be accessorized once in a while.

There are different types of accessories that a girl can use, such as a hair clip or a little girl hat. Hats can be used to complete an outfit and they are also used to protect your daughter's skin and eyes from the elements.

Seasonal Girl Hats

Your little girl needs to be out and about, whether in the warm or cold season. As long as you have the right hat for every season, you will not have to worry about her comfort. Cold weather hats are made from heavy material such as wool, fur or even acrylic. These materials are used because they have the capacity to retain heat from the body and thus keep your little one warm.

The hats are made to fit closely and securely on your daughter's head and they can be pulled to cover the ears. Sun hats are used to protect your daughter from the sun's rays and these hats have wide brims. Others have a flap at the back to protect the neck from the sun.

Hats Used To Complement Outfits

A beret is a simple and stylish hat for little girls that is round and flat. It is a well fitting hat that comes in a variety of colors. A panama hat is similar to the sun hat as it is hand woven from palm leaves and has a large brim. A fedora hat has a narrow brim and a raised crown.

A cloche hat is worn at the back of the head with the brim extending all the way to the eyebrows. The hat is made from wool or felt. The newsboy hat can be made from wool or cotton and is sewn together from the top. It usually comes with a button at the top and has a silk or satin lining to keep your daughter comfortable. The reversible hat can be used with a variety of outfits since it has different prints on both sides of the hat.

Decorative Elements On Hats

There are many ways to decorate a little girl's hat. A common way used to do this is to use flowers. Flowers can be painted onto the fabric of the hat or can be attached to the hats by use of a strong adhesive. Flowers can also be sawn onto the hat to secure it properly in place. Bows are also a great way to enhance girl hats.

A little girl hat can have the bow placed at the side, in the middle or at the top of the hat. If a hat has animal ears at the sides, these ears can have bows placed on them. Some bows are very large, covering a large portion of the hat, while others are small. There can actually be several tiny bows on the same hat.

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