What Happens After Corrective Breast Implants Surgery?

Following the initial breast implants surgery, there are specific guidelines that you must follow in order to ensure that no harm comes to the recently operated-on breast tissue. Following such guidelines to the letter will ensure effectiveness of your operation and avoid any adverse effects. Similarly, after a corrective implant surgery, you would also have a set of guidelines to observe, which are even more crucial to be adhered to than the initial surgery.

You must understand that no matter how successfully the operation was carried out, your breast enhancement goals can be easily scuttled simply because you didn't fully comply with the post-surgery guidelines. In this regard, there are specific aspects that your surgeon would perform during recovery, whereas you would be expected to handle certain aspects.

Post-Surgery Procedures Handled by Your Surgeon

There are several critical aspects that your surgeon must handle following successful corrective surgery. Every competent surgeon would ensure that he/ she has briefed you concerning what would be required and make sure that every single aspect is handled competently.

The most immediate action taken by a cosmetic surgeon, following surgery, is application of a gauze on your breast. In some instances, a surgical bra would be applied instead of the gauze. Moreover, considering how critical this immediate post-operative period is, your surgeon would ensure that he/ she is closely monitoring you. Understandably, at this point you wouldn't yet be ready to leave for home; hence, you would find yourself resting in the medical facility's recovery area.

Even when you're allowed to leave the medical facility, your surgeon would always require you to abide by a schedule of follow-up visits. Such visits are meant to constantly assess the healing progress of your corrective implant surgery. One aspect that would be evaluated is the condition of stitches that normally seal up the surgical incision. If any of such stitches would not have dissolved within a period of one week following surgery, manual removal would be required.

Of course, various other aspects would be assessed by a competent surgeon. You may not know all that should be evaluated, but you can always trust a competent surgeon to ensure that no aspect is left unchecked. Basically, all you have to do is pick a surgeon who is highly qualified and one who is a member of a recognised cosmetic surgeons' association.

Your Part During the Post-Surgery Recovery Phase

Your surgeon is sure to give you details of specific aspects you must observe during the recovery phase. Fortunately, such aspects wouldn't be too complicated; hence, you would easily follow the guidelines without much of a problem.

If you have ever wished for a very good reason not to take a shower, then such would be the most opportune time. Not only would it be necessary that you completely avoid taking a shower for three days following surgery, but it would be highly recommended by your surgeon. Thereafter, you may shower, while avoiding immersion of your breasts during a four-week period.

Minimal physical activity would be recommended during the recovery phase (usually involving walking sessions), but any rigorous psychical activity would be prohibited. Just by abiding by these and other simple guidelines, you can be assured of the best outcomes for your corrective operation.

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