What if My Autistic Child is Being Bullied?

If your child with the disorder of autism has experienced bullying, there are things you can do to avoid it or stop it, as being parent(s), or caregiver(s). The first thing to consider, is what is the identification or facts about bullying?

* A bully has an attitude toward your child with autism, who has no compassion.

* A bully usually feels he or she has more power or is stronger in areas that your child is not, and will try to intimidate your child to have low self-esteem.

* Most bullies are insecure in many ways, and are usually lonely because they have very little or no social skills.

* Some bullies have a reputation of being a bully, and it makes the bully feel strong, so he or she must live up to his or her reputation of that label.

You, as parent(s), or caregiver(s), must establish a good relationship with your child, so he or she can feel comfortable coming to you without fear if there is bulling that is present. This could be taking place in school, functions, on the school bus, classroom, sports, even in family gatherings, and in families.

You can be on the alert, by identifying some of the bullying facts, and remembering, if your child does come to you with concerns about experiencing bullying, do not shut them out or ignore what he or she is expressing, to you.

It is an excellent plan, to try and understand why the bully is doing this to your child. Realize, that bullies want power and they usually want to destroy and take advantage in some way, of a weaker person, or an individual they can control or diminish. If your autistic child is being bullied, do not tolerate it, it must be stopped and corrected.

It is a challenge, but remember a schoolyard bully is too young to understand why he or she is doing the bullying to your autistic child. This kind of an individual, who is doing the bullying, only knows what makes he or she, to feel better. That includes his or her lack of friends and getting attention from others, which makes the bully feel he or she has friends. As I have stated in this article, bullying must come to a halt.

If bullying continues after you as parent(s), caregivers(s), have taken steps to stop it, I would encourage you to contact your local or private school, to see if they have an anti-bullying program that is available, and for participation. If not, find out if you could start one and put it together and meet on a weekly or monthly schedule.

No child needs to be bullied. It must be stopped and with the help of parent(s) or caregiver(s) and their insight, it can be avoided.

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