What Is A CompTIA Certification?

In 1982, five leading companies in the microcomputer industry decided to come together to form a non-profit trade association. Originally called the Association of Better Computer Dealers, Inc. (ABCD), they spent 10 years providing insight and guidance to the industry. The organization later changed its name to the Computing Technology Industry Association, most commonly known as CompTIA. Because of their objective role in monitoring and developing public policy on computers, The company offers comptia certification to students who can demonstrate competence in several core computer technologies.

What certifications does CompTIA offer?

The company divides their certifications into four different categories: mastery, professional, specialty and basic. Starting with basic, the company awards printed certificates to users who can demonstrate competence in Strata IT fundamentals, including understanding the components of PCs, how they work, and other related technology topics.

The company offers three sub-categories of certification for its Specialty series. The company designed the Specialty series to include unique knowledge used by specific vertical markets of the business IT industry.

The Social Media Security Professional: documentary proof is awarded to those who have shown they have the knowledge and skills neccessary to protect businesses from security risks from social networking channels.

The Healthcare Technician: tangible substantiation is earned by demonstrating the knowledge and skills necessary for using and supporting healthcare IT systems.

The Cloud Essentials: documentary averment is earned by demonstrating knowledge of what cloud computing is from both a business and technical perspective, as well as how to govern the cloud.

The main core of the company's objective attestations are contained by their Professional series, 12 different certificates that demonstrate core competency in key IT fields:

A+: Basic networking, installation and troubleshooting

CDIA+: Skills used in the document imaging sales field

Cloud+: How to securely install and use cloud technologies

CTT+: Skills needed for the teaching other people technical information

Linux+Powered by LPI: Management of Linux systems

Mobile App Security+: How to create an iOS or Android mobile application securely

Mobility+: How to research and understand mobile devices

Network+: Basic information on operating and configuring a network

Project+: How to manage projects

Security+: System security and cryptography

Server+: How to operate and back-up servers

Storage_Powered by SNIA: Understanding storage and connectivity issues

The company offers just one documentary confirmation in its Mastery series, designed to show true dominance over multiple enterprise disciplines. The company offers an Advanced Security Practitioner certificate to users who understand risk management and enterprise security, as well as the demonstrated ability to integrate computing, communications and business needs.

How CompTIA conducts certification

All the company certification exams are currently conducted by Pearson VUE. Pearson is a storied British publishing company, now the largest book publisher and education company in the world.

Although originally all the company's testimonial attestations were valid for a lifetime, new corporate policy now restricts current certifications to a validity of only three years. Documentary proof holders can choose to re-take the exams or pay a maintenance fee to the company's continuing education system.

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