What Is LTO 6? - Interesting Aspects Of LTO 6

LTO is a form of magnetic tape that has been used since 2000. So, it has been around for the last sixteen years. As the years progress, the tape is being improved and some of its features are changing.

Generally, before an invention is regenerated, the inventor has to refer back to previous models to see which sectors to improve and which to replace with more advanced aspects. One of the most recent iterations is the LTO 6 cartridge, which has more advanced specifications than previous LTO tape generations.

Before the generation 6 tape, there were other iterations, which are the LTO 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

LTO Progression To Ultrium 6

The LTO 1 had a maximum storage of 200 GB with a transfer rate of 20 mbps. Later, the LTO 2 was developed (around the year 2002) in a more advanced form, featuring double the storage capacity of LTO 1 and a transfer rate of 40 mbps.

Around 2003, LTO 3 was developed with a much bigger capacity of 800 GB and a transfer rate of 80 mbps. Just as much as the storage became much bigger so also was the transfer of data increased. Observing this trend, it's clearly visible that every time a new cartridge is developed, it features double the storage capacity of the previous one. As generations of Ultrium tapes progress, their encryption technology also improves to secure large amounts of data.

The LTO Ultrium 6 magnetic tape is very versatile in terms of storage and use. It has a maximum storage of 6.25 TB. It was first created in 2012. This generation 6 tape also has an advanced inbuilt compression capacity. All its features work together to provide users with quality of service and ease of use.

Why is the Large Storage Capacity in LTO 6 so Valuable?

To a casual observer, the increasing storage capacity in new iterations of LTO tapes might seem like a vain attempt to deliver seemingly interesting products that might not be really necessary. However, the reality is that accumulation of data is constantly increasing, especially in the business world.

Here are various reasons why increased storage capacity of LTO generation 6 is so important:

- Ever expanding government regulations force businesses to backup various forms of data that they might not have backed up otherwise. This adds to the already existing data backup from normal business operations.

- Certain legal aspects demand provision of various pieces of information. Hence, in order to avoid being on the wrong side of the law, even small businesses are now backing up more and more information.

- Incidences of viruses and spyware are pushing companies to invest in greater data protection strategies, which includes extensive backup systems.

- Advances in hardware also go hand in hand with advances in software. In this regard, new software requires much more versatile hardware, as well as greater storage capacity.

From these reasons, you can clearly see why greater storage capacity offered by generation 6 LTO is a necessity rather than a luxury.

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