What Is Tapping For Money? - Does It Really Clear Money Blocks To Wealth?

It may be safe to assume that after most of the attention that "The Secret" has brought to the Law of Attraction that it's no longer a secret - but there are various techniques and processes for manifesting wealth which aren't as widespread as they should really be. An exercise termed "tapping for money" or "tapping for wealth" is an exercise which is taught as part of the bigger Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) method of the Law of Attraction.

The concept of tapping for money is designed to assist you to physically focus on that impact as you are saying concise and clear commands to your body. The tapping starts along the side of the palm, which some refer to as the "karate chop" part of the hand to give a clear picture of where to start.

After beginning with the persistent tapping on that side of your hand, then you start working on what are known as "Meridian points." These are based upon areas which are noted for concentrating energy in accordance with the traditions of Chinese acupuncture, though thankfully utilizing this type of technique no needles are required.

After the side palm there are also multiple areas around the face that then ought to be tapped such as temple, high area of the cheek bone, the nape underneath the nose and on top of the lip, the scalp, among others. Rotation is done between every one of these points, tapping away using one of your hands. If you've never seen this done there are numerous videos online that may demonstrate this method.

While doing this entire technique of tapping for money you need to be speaking specific affirmations aloud, additionally. While the wording does not have to be exact, and it's really better still to personalize the affirmations to your specific situations, but the flow has to be saying aloud that you're the one blocking the bucks from coming to you, that you recognize that, and you are clearly opening up to allow the universe to deliver the wealth you're seeking.

The idea here is that as your tapping these Meridian points you're releasing stress and freeing up the flow of energy. The feeling also helps you to focus your words, thoughts, and visualizations. Since your brain is paying attention, you speaking aloud of the blocks preventing the wealth that you want and stating you accept yourself, love yourself, and you are indeed ready for the income you wish for helps bring everything into being.

The tapping in a large way works wonders being a focus point that makes the visualization work more efficiently. One final note: when tapping for money you want to make sure to have a very specific amount in mind that you repeat over and over again. This helps bring things into focus and makes it more likely to happen.

The concept of tapping for money takes most tenants of the Law of Attraction and connects them with a physical action which helps bring the attention essential to see these things manifest. That's how tapping for money is seen as so effective.

For more information about tapping for money, check out 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation. I'm sure you'll love it!

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