What Is the MSC Malaysia Program?

MSC Malaysia- is an economic zone in the region of Malaysia and MSC (Multimedia super corridor) program was stated in February, 1996. The main objective of this program was a long vision for making Malaysia a modern state utilizing the educational framework. It was hard to promote this vision in start which was based on creating a social and education hub for the users of advanced technologies. A couple of government agencies and foreign companies joined hands to promote the vision and other departments also take part in the same program. Another purpose of this program was to provide high speed information using technically advanced information and multimedia systems.

To fulfill this vision, several programs were started for different type of people. Most of the programs were developed for students so they can actively participate in the progress and use advanced technology to build their strong careers. Let's discuss a few of the important programs which are part of this MSC Malaysia vision.

MSC Malaysia CDP

MSC Malaysia capital development program is for organizations to increase their annual productions using excellent goods and services and increase their growth. This program allows many local organizations to become a part of a highly competitive environment and allow them to make a space for their productions using the phases of growth. The program was based on providing IT certification to the professionals so they can enhance their IT knowledge and use it for promoting their business. In a highly competitive environment it was necessary to start such programs so professional also improve their weaknesses and make their IT business strong. Fees of these certifications are 50% less than the other courses offered outside this campaign and the purpose is only to polish the skills of both individuals and company professionals.

MSC Malaysia USP

This program is designed for undergraduates, who want to improve their technical knowledge before they complete their education and becomes a part of the highly competitive ICT industry. For IT students, it is an excellent opportunity to learn advanced technologies free of the cost. They can learn networking; databases, development and other IT skills and becomes a part of the growing industry. This will not only polish technical students of Malaysia, but it also lowers the rate of unemployment. More students take part in these programs more chances of getting employed will be there. They will be industrially certified before they complete their graduation, an emerging opportunity for all the undergrads.

MSC Malaysia GTP

This type of program is designed for the fresh graduates and industries. Fresh graduates are trained through these programs under the supervision of industrialist and expert technical persons. Companies also save their initial training cost by hiring professionals who are part of these training programs. MSC Malaysia graduation training program benefits fresh graduates and open paths of getting excellent jobs.

All these and several other similar programs are making Malaysia, economically strong by providing opportunities for more jobs and expert skills to drive any business. Now professionals can handle their business more skillfully than before and making Malaysia a growing and leading country in the economy.

Coby McGibbons is the business operations consultant for StravCorp. StravCorp International (SI) provides strategic, innovative solutions to clients in BPO transformation and delivery. To view our full range of services, go to http://www.stravcorp.com

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