What Makes A Favorite Full Service Restaurant

The secret to success in the restaurant industry is having a dedicated following. The rule of thumb most owners and managers cite when talking about success is what's known as the 70/30 rule. This states that 70% of a restaurants business comes from 30% of their customers. In order to get that level of dedication and following from their clients, there are a few things casual fine dining restaurants strive to do.

The first is to offer not just something different from other restaurants, but something that is also great tasting. Latin fusion restaurants are one of the fastest growing markets in the industry these days because they present freshly made, delicious menu items that cannot be found other places. Some of the national chain restaurants might offer similar things, like fajitas or tacos, but they cannot compete with the fresh flavors of a privately owned restaurant.

Secondly is to be sure that, although they may have a specific menu, they do not limit their appeal by focusing on too small of a demographic. The most successful casual fine dining restaurants are a perfect solution for a couple looking for a date spot, a family looking for a nice dinner together or a group of friends out for a night on the town. By being all things to all people when it comes to atmosphere and experience, they position themselves to be the first place people think of when trying to make a decision.

Many successful restaurants also look for ways that can broaden the appeal through different ways of reaching customers. The best way to do this is by running a full service catering program as well as their traditional lunch and dinner service. By giving their customers the chance to use their catering service for private parties, events and functions, not only do they create for themselves another revenue stream, it also serves as a great way to introduce themselves to a collection of potential new customers.

Finally, it is all about gratitude and recognition. Restaurants that go the extra mile, not simply through loyalty programs but even more specifically remembering customers by name, or what they like to eat, and reinforcing that will help encourage them to visit more often as well as tell their friends. Everybody likes to be made to feel good, and the littlest gestures can go a long way towards making that happen.

There are dozens of choices for everyone these days when it comes to choosing which casual fine dining restaurant to go to. By focusing on a few of these core values, the savvy restaurant owner will be able to make his or her place the favorite full service restaurant for people from all around.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer who specializes in covering the food and beverage industry. http://www.osorioslatinfusion.com

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