What Makes LTO 6 Tapes An Ideal Solution For Data Storage? Advantages Of LTO 6 Tapes

Understanding The Basics Of LTO 6 Technology

The LTO 6 is LTO's next generation that assures of moving tape from simply being included in the storage game-plan of data centre to a more prominent role. It is quite possible that a majority of organizations will end up gaining significantly by employing a hybrid strategy leveraging scale-out systems of storage with tape-based systems.

Defining LTO 6 Technology

LTO 6 is the next-generation LTO media and tape drives availed by vendors of LTO Consortium as well as library manufacturers who opt to integrate the technology. This sixth-generation marks an appreciable upgrade from the mostly capacity-focused previous generation tape drives. Notable features of the LTO 6 include doubled capacity and significant improvement in performance.

The LTO 6 stores 3 TB of information in native state and 8 TB with compression. It can achieve 210 MB/s of native and 525 MB/s of compressed transfer speeds, respectively. LTO has an appreciable advantage in terms of density, larger capacity on per form-factor basis in comparison to a typical hard disk drive. As well, it features significant throughput advantage on per device basis, which is twice the capacity for each slot relative to what the average disk drive is capable of delivering at present.

Most server-users probably also have tape drives. New LTO 6 tapes offer diverse advantages when utilized as upgraded storage solutions. It is very likely that backup tape drives are already keeping all sensitive data of most business entities safe. The sheer volume of such data at stake of being compromised makes it necessary selecting the most ideal backup tapes for server equipment. Professionals in IT prefer utilizing Linear Tape Open (LTO) for storage applications in such cases especially owing to its high capacity for storage.

Advantages Of LTO 6 Tapes

LTO tapes exhibit improved capacity and speed with each generation. The LTO 6 has double the capacity of LTO 5 storage tapes along with several other advancements. It is anticipated highly within the world of information technology owing to a number of important reasons.

3.2 TB Storage

At 3.2 TB, the LTO 6 achieves more than double the capacity of the LTO 5, which is 1.5 TB. More than ever before, the IT industry is aware that video and audio files play an integral role within the business world today, with this tape drive addressing the demand for extra storage capacity in refined fashion. Data gets transferred more quickly in addition, generating speeds reaching a maximum of 200 MB/s.

Compression Capabilities

The LTO 6 has 2:5:1 compression, taking capacity of storage to 8 TB. Users can attain increased data-transfer speeds using compression, which affords the already-impressive product a brilliant outlook.

Other Useful Features

The LTO 6, just as previous-generation LTO 4 and LTO 5 tape drives avails WORM and encryption capabilities. These two items have now become a must-have for firms that require securing their sensitive data. The partitioning feature introduced with LTO 5 is also adopted by the LTO 6.

The LTO 6 upgrades to tape drives supporting the new LTO format, making its application easy for existing users of previous-generation tape drives. Overall, this delivers good efficiency in backup and storage of data.

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