What's The Deal With Food In Appleton?

It's not that there is anything wrong with the food in Appleton. Quite the opposite, actually. They have all the standard fare that you can find in any city of the same size and population throughout the United States. You'll find grocery stores that offer pretty much anything that you can think of including the most fattening of junk foods to the healthiest of organic produce. The fast food franchises still offer the exact same menu that you find in all their locations. The burgers are still greasy and if you're really lucky, the fries aren't soggy and cold. The taco meat comes from five gallon pails and if rumors are true, filled with lard. Hmmm, tasty. The seafood was frozen and flown in from one of the coasts. Like I said, standard fare.

Appleton does, however, have something that you won't necessarily find everywhere else. There is a good old sit down restaurant, you remember those don't you, that serves Latin fusion dining. This is certainly something that not all towns the size of Appleton have. They take their knowledge of Latin cuisine and add it to other kinds of food to create something called fusion cuisine. A blanket term to describe food that is comprised of different culinary styles, ingredients, and cooking methods. Is it radically different than their respective culinary styles by themselves? No. That is the beauty of fusion cuisine. It takes the best of different foods, mashes it together and voila, something new and tasty.

Latin fusion dining, isn't that kind of like Mexican? Yes and a resounding no. If you look at the menu you'll easily see that you aren't going to be getting any of this stuff at the ringing taco joint down the road. You are going to get fresh ingredients that are freshly prepared when you order and it will be served promptly while it is still piping hot. Not to mention it will come on plates and you will eat it with actual silverware (probably not actual silver), not plastic trays and utensils. Sure it may cost you a bit more than the noisy taco, but it'll taste better and be much healthier for you.

Now this shouldn't necessarily be your primary reason to go to this restaurant, but they also have alcoholic beverages. Not just beer or other standard mixed drinks either. No, they get crafty with their libations. I'm not saying that it is particularly difficult to make mixed drinks. No, what I mean is that they have creatively inspired drinks that are thought out and balanced. Not something that you'd find most other places.

Beyond the food, the service is great and the atmosphere is comfortable. They have rooms for private get-togethers and if you're in the area for a bit, monthly pairing dinners with some awesome wine.

Tim Hiller is a freelance writer that just realized that he didn't say the name of the place that offers the above stated Latin fusion dining... Oops. http://www.osorioslatinfusion.com

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