What To Consider When Renting Air Conditioners

If you have a room in your home or office that is not air conditioned but you would like to have it cooled, then you can consider using a portable air conditioner. This is a convenient device that is simple to install and is effective as long as you get the correct size. You can move it from one room to the next depending on which room you need cooled at that particular time.

If you would like to use an air conditioner for a short time, then you can decide to hire one. There are different types of air conditioners such as the 3.6kw portable air conditioners which you can rent in order to cool your rooms.

Installing A Portable Air Conditioner

When installing a portable air conditioner, you may need to position it near a window. This is because most of the portable air conditioners have a window panel that can be adjusted. A hose is connected to the window in order to move heat from the room to the outside.

The air conditioner may also have a venting kit which is used to seal the hose so that the air that has been cooled does not get a way of escaping through the hose. You can then plug the unit to a power source and let it remain upright for about an hour. You will then be able to use it without any problems. The air conditioner may have different operating modes such as the heat, cool, dry and fan modes.

Functions Of A Portable Air Conditioner

When you switch on air conditioners such as the 3.6kw portable air conditioners, they absorb the air from the room and get rid of the moisture and heat. The heat is expelled through the hose that is connected to the window. The cool, dry air is then blown back into the room.

When the moisture is absorbed from the air, it condenses into water which accumulates in the unit. The water can be drained from the unit through the hose or you may need to open the pan and drain the water. The air conditioner normally has a timer which you can set to switch on and off at the required time. You can even hire one that uses a remote control to make it easier for you to set it.

How To Choose The Most Suitable Air Conditioner

When deciding on the type of air conditioner to hire, you need to know the size of the room where you will place the unit. You can get the size of the room in square feet by multiplying the length of the room by the width. The correct size of the room will guide you in selecting an air conditioner that will effectively cool the room. You should also check the length of the power cord.

This is because majority of air conditioners such as the 3.6kw portable air conditioners will require you to plug them directly into the power source. Air conditioners require a high amount of power and an extension cord may not have the capacity to handle this level of power. A very short cord may make it difficult for you to change the position of the unit in the room.

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