What To Do To Get The Best Use Of HP LTO 5 Tapes

When you spend money on anything, not just a tape storage device, you would always want to get maximum utility from it. Probably, nothing would give you as much regret as spending cash on a device that get's destroyed prematurely.

When you get a magnetic tape, such as the HP LTO 5 cartridge, you can do several things to ensure that it lasts as long as it's supposed to. However, you should remember, nothing you do to ensure long-lasting use would ever change the expected life expectancy of the particular tape.

What Is The Expected Life Expectancy Of Your Tape?

The expected life expectancy of your LTO tape is largely determined by its intrinsic production quality. Obviously, when you purchase this storage media from a reputable manufacturer with a well-known brand, you would have greater assurance of its quality.

However, even if your tape may last for many years to come, its utility may evaporate into thin air if future availability of play-back systems isn't assured. It would be quite a hassle if ten or twenty years to come, you are left holding all that data in your storage media, but you cannot access it simply because you can't find any working play back equipment. Or the existing payback equipment isn't compatible with your out-dated storage media.

Fortunately, the LTO Ultrium technology has a well-organized system that ensures compatibility of future play-back equipment with recently phased out cartridges. This would serve you well if you intend to create a huge data storage system.

Once you have such an assurance of the expected life expectancy of your data storage media, you can then consider how best to maintain it.

Proper Care And Handling

There are certain common-sense strategies that you should utilize in ensuring long-lasting utility of your LTO tape. Many aspects are actually things that you would ordinarily do when handling various sorts of digital devices.

The Council on Library and Information Resources provides a useful guide on the things you can do to properly care for your magnetic tape. One interesting thing that you are advised not to do is leave the tape lying flat (flat means the reel flanges are parallel to a table top) for very long periods. Doing this can lead to an uneven tape pack. Instead, what you should do is store it on end, and not slanting either.

A common-sense handling practise would involve storage of tapes in clean environments. This means that the tape should be placed back in an appropriate storage shelf just as soon as you finish using it. Such a storage shelf should be designed to keep out accumulation of dirt and other airborne pollutants. Also make sure to keep it away from exposure to strong sunlight, as well as water. Placing the cartridge on such electronic equipment as televisions, radiators and other machinery is also not advisable.

Frequent handling of cartridges is also likely to reduce its life expectancy. However, the effects of such handling can be reduced by deploying a robotic library system that avoids human contact and exposure to inhospitable environments.

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