What to Look for in a New Garage Door

By Anne Richards

Not all garage doors are equal. There are many measures of quality and style to take into account. The 'best' choice is different for everyone, balancing looks, performance, and pricing, not to mention the garage door opener.

Are you building a new home, or doing an upgrade? Or are you just plain tired of your old, worn-out garage? Then you're probably considering new garage door installation- and the task can be daunting. It's a huge piece of machinery, one of the largest objects in your home, and you're probably wondering what the most important qualities are to look for.

Not all garage doors are equally good. There are many measures of quality and style to take into account. The 'best' choice is different for everyone, balancing looks, performance, and pricing. And then there is the basic divide of 'roll up' pr 'bend' garage doors that curl vertically as they lift, and the simple 'tilting' garage door that simply pivots and lifts like a lever. Choosing between these two is simply a matter of opinion. There are however, a couple of things that you may not think to consider when juggling prices, performance, and looks:

Garage Security: If you live in a neighborhood where it's possible thieves may try to break into your garage, you may want to invest in a thicker, more sturdy garage door that locks in place so they can't lift it or simply cut through it. Nowadays, most garage door openers also come with a passcode scrambling feature and a sensor to make sure the door will not crush anything that is in its path of travel, but you may want to double check that your new system includes these features and that they work properly.

Insulation for your garage: you may not pause to consider it, but you'll want a garage door that is equipped with insulation, especially if you live in a climate with extreme heat or cold or both. You don't want your garage to become dangerously hot during the summer, or the door the shatter during the winter, and you certainly don't want the jacked up energy prices it takes to keep the temperature moderate in the large, probably concrete space. Most doors come with what is known as an "R" value, which will tell you the level of insulation it provides: look for higher "R" values.

Garage Door Opener: some people are pickier than others about their garage door opener systems, but be sure you pick a machine whose noise level you can live with and whose sturdiness you are confident in. Consult experts (and the internet) about which brands are a good deal for the amount of noise they make, and which ones are proven to last longer.

So don't forget to take these things into account when you're going through the process of installing a new door- the windows and paint options may be fun and distracting, but these things end up being more important in the end.

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