What to Look For When Choosing A Boarding Kennel For Your Dog

If you're going away for a night, a week, or months at a time and you need a quality boarding kennel service to look after your dog then you may want to consider a few tips on what to look for when deciding who to go with.

Boarding kennels are a great option for many owners as it not only takes a degree of stress out of your trip, it also relieves stress on your dog by eliminating the need for long car or plane rides and allows your dog to stay in a place where they will be as welcome as you are at your hotel.

There are many boarding kennel organisations to choose from and while it may seem to make sense to simply go with the kennel closest to your home, if you truly love your dog and want the best for them while you're away you would be wise to have a read of the following pointers for finding the best boarding kennel for your dog and you.

- Are the operators dog lovers? - This may seem like an obvious question but it is one that must be asked and could very well be the most important for you and your dog. Many operators of boarding kennels are business people first and foremost, their primary concern is the bottom line and your dog's health and wellbeing is secondary. Find a team of dog lovers and you can be sure they will look after your pooch with the greatest of love and care.

- Be sure to check the conditions- Before committing to a boarding kennel for your dog make sure you take the time and go and inspect the premises for yourself. Find out where your dog will be sleeping and ask questions about sleeping arrangements, play time, special services provided and the like.

- Ask a friend, neighbour or veterinarian about their experience - Testimonials are far better than the advertising that can be done by bigger shelters. Veterinarians are especially helpful because they will have an intimate knowledge of the community.

- Does the kennel require vaccinations? - This is a big one as it can mean the difference between your dog coming home as healthy as you left them or coming back riddled with disease. Only take your dog to kennels that insist upon vaccinations.

These are just a few of the tips that will help to steer you toward a great kennel experience for you and your dog. Take the time and enjoy the knowledge that your dog is in safe hands so you can better enjoy your time away.

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