What Type of Auto Glass is a Good Investment?

This is one popular question among car owners in need of auto glass repairs and replacements. With a number of auto glass options to choose from, sometimes choosing the most suitable match can get pretty confusing. The main options include OEM- Original Equipment Manufactured glass, dealer glass and after market glass. Let's look at the 3 types of auto glass and when it's best to choose one type over the other.

OEM auto glass

Original Equipment Manufacturers are companies that have been contracted by a number of car manufacturers to produce high quality auto products. The OEM manufacturer may not be the same company that produced your original auto glass but they still maintain the exact specifications and so the glass you get from them is of unmatched quality.

The reason why OEM distributor auto glass is not produced by the original company that was contracted to produce your damaged windshield is that car manufacturers change their glass contracts frequently. The company that produced your windshield in 2000 may not be the same company that is manufacturing the auto glass for your new model. However, they still maintain the high standards of quality and that's why they are considered OEM distributors. When you choose to replace your damaged auto glass with OEM products then expect to pay a high amount compared to aftermarket auto glass.

After Market Auto glass

There are those companies that produce cheap auto glass but they haven't been contracted by any car manufacturer to produce their products. Most of them don't have certifications to produce auto glass and so their products will have different specifications from what is offered by OEM distributors. Since aftermarket auto glass hasn't undergone the necessary certifications, they don't carry reasonable guarantees.

Dealer Glass

When you visit your auto shop that has been authorized by your car manufacturer to provide servicing, they will sell you glass which they obtained from the original OEM distributor. Dealer glass usually has your vehicle's make stamped on it. Dealer glass is considered to be of high quality since it is produced by people who originally obtained a contract from your car's manufacturer to produce their glass. It may be the most expensive of these three options since it's hard to come by.

How to choose the best one

Always try and choose auto glass that is going to be safe and long lasting. In case you want to spend less, request your auto shop for a discount rather than buying aftermarket auto glass that is cheap yet you're not guaranteed of standard quality. Always ask your auto shop for advice regarding the kind of glass that is most suited for your car.

Remember that auto glass is very critical as it helps protect you and other occupants in your car when an accident occurs. OEM distributor auto glass and dealer auto glass will guarantee your safety and protection when you are involved in a collision since they are designed to resist most forms of damage.

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