What You Don't Know About Search Engine Optimization Can Hurt You

In this day and age everybody has used a search engine. Whether they are looking for movie times, a dry cleaner or directions, it has become such a common experience that many of us do not even think about it. Google has become a verb and search engines compete for our business by increasing speeds or incorporating charitable donations. It is such a part of life that when people are starting a new business, they think they know everything they need to about maximizing their search engine results simply because they have used one in the past.

This is much like a person who thinks he or she knows how to run a restaurant simply because they have gone out to dinner a few times. There is a science that each search engine uses to determine what results pull up at or near the top, and that is the reason for a search engine optimization company: to understand that science and make sure your business gets the results you are looking for.

Pretend that your new business is a dry cleaner. Certainly the most common entry potential customers in your area would have when it came to using a search engine would be "dry cleaner (location)." It might seem only logical to you that as long as you feature that on your webpage - "We're the finest dry cleaner Philadelphia has to offer" it means you should always be at the top, right? Wrong.

Search engine optimization also relies on relevance, and a web page begins to become irrelevant from the moment it first goes live. Think of it like depreciation on a car. From the moment you drive it out of the showroom, there is something out there more valuable. In order to stay relevant, there needs to be a continual stream on media being generated that connects your business with the search engine results. A search engine optimization company does this by keyword generated blogs, full written press releases and other articles designed to bring attention back to your website.

When it comes to keywords, there is more than just the typical, primary focus of the business type. An SEO company does the research to see what other searches are being done by people looking for similar businesses. For instance, with a dry cleaner, some alternative keywords include "Shirt Pressing," "Fur Storage," "Stain Removal" and even "Same Day Service."

You started your own business because it is what you do best. When it comes to making your business successful, let a search engine optimization company do what they do best, and that is building a bridge between you and all of your soon to be customers.

Jack Terry is a freelance writer and former restaurant professional who, over the years, worked for a few people who shouldn't have been allowed to order dinner, much less run a restaurant. http://www.teamwildflower.com

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