What You Should Know About IT Certifications

While it may seem difficult, starting a career in information technology is possible for most motivated students. One way this can be done is by obtaining different IT certifications. However, if you're a novice to IT, you may not understand the importance of these certifications and how they work.

Why Are They Important?

IT certifications give companies the ability to choose qualified personnel. Information technology is a complex technical field. Many business owners and managers do not have the time to become proficient in the technical aspects of their company's computer systems.

This is also the case for the employees who work in human resources departments. Their job is to choose and retain qualified applicants. However, they may not have the ability to judge an employee's technical skill on their own. This is why professional certifications are sought out. They guarantee that an applicant has indeed obtained a certain level of skill, knowledge and proficiency working with certain kinds of computer systems.

Vendor Specific Certifications

However, just because an applicant has a certification according to their resume does not mean they are certified to work with the specific computer systems that a company utilizes. Almost all certificates available are vendor specific. Vendor in this case refers to the company that manufactures certain kinds of information technology.

For example, both Cisco Systems and Microsoft offer their own certificates. Students pursuing accreditation to work with Microsoft network infrastructure will not be studying the same hardware and software as a student studying to become a Cisco certified technician. The same kinds of technology designed by different vendors can be quite different. In fact, the correct answer to the same question on a test could be completely different depending on the vendor in question.

With this in mind, it's always a good idea to plan ahead. If you wish to work for a certain company in the future, learn what vendor they implement for their IT infrastructure before you choose a certificate to pursue. You should also be careful to watch for trends regarding what vendors currently have a foothold in the industry. This can help protect your future job prospects if you have to change companies.

Advancement through Certification

Becoming certified can certainly help you enter the career field of information technology. It can also help you advance your career once you have established yourself in the industry. Most vendors design their training programs around the possibility of future advancement into higher levels of accreditation.

For example, Cisco Systems offers five different levels of certification. This includes an entry level, associate level, professional level, expert level and an architect level. The entry level of accreditation includes two different choices. A student can become either a certified technician or an entry networking technician.

After gaining entry level accreditation, most vendors allow a wider range of specialization. For the associate level, Cisco offers nine different choices for specialization in different subfields of IT. This includes options for specializing in data center technology, network security, internet service providers and wireless networks.

Overall, becoming certified to work with a certain vendor's information technology is certainly a way to gain entrance into the industry as well as advancement. However, while being certified is important, it isn't the only thing employers are looking for. Having plenty of experience in IT departments of different companies trouble shooting problems is certainly just as important.

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