When Should You Upgrade Your Web Hosting Package?

The entire web hosting industry works on the hope that a user's needs will increase and that they will need to keep upgrading their resources or account as their business grows. But a major concern for many entrepreneurs and clients is when is the right time to upgrade the account. This article deals with how to make that decision and what are the factors to consider before upgrading your web hosting account.

Plan in Advance

An upgrade means a long term commitment to pay a higher price for more resources or space. Jumping into an upgrade too soon may be wasteful as far as the extra money is concerned. Waiting till your resources run out completely maybe far worse than the wasted money. Striking a balance between both, will help you identify the right time when you should make the upgrade. Plan out and anticipate your requirement wisely. Not only will this help you save money, but it will help you optimize and monetize your online business too.

Conduct some empirical research

Many people upgrade their hosting account when they receive a storage or bandwidth usage alert. This means that they rarely study or analyse what is going wrong and why the resources were used up. When an alert for 80% bandwidth usage is received, it doesn't necessarily mean that you will run out of bandwidth by the end of the month, before the bandwidth counter resets. Sudden bandwidth usage could be attributed to backups, frequent hack attempts on your website, large email attachments and may not necessarily require you to make an immediate upgrade. The same applies to disk space usage. If you are frequently getting usage alerts, then it maybe time to just upgrade your account. Make the upgrade based on some tests or evidence. Ask your designers or programmers to guide you on how much you require and recheck their calculations or estimations.

Most clients initially insist on having a large amount of space and resources, especially when they are setting up a new website. We always recommend that they first start off with a small package or a standard package and then upgrade their way through to what they actually need. Upgrading your account is a 30 second task and is automated. It's better to start small and save up your money for when you really need to spend on hosting. If you leave your space or resources unused, not only are you wasting money, but you may also feel that the hosting space is not worth it.

Factor in other resource usage

While you may focus on any one factor which is being most consumed in your hosting account, do remember to strike a balance between all the other factors that maybe necessary in optimizing your cost and getting the most out of your expense. Although you may upgrade your account to the next level, it may be more cost effective in the short term to upgrade to a more elaborate plan, if you are going to outgrow the number of databases or bandwidth along with the space. It is best to monitor your resources and estimate your needs in advance so that you can plan out an upgrade, factoring all the various variables which need to be considered for your online business.

Does it fit in your budget?

Upgrading may sound easy, but it requires you to make a long term commitment, because once you start using up the extra space, it will become more difficult to reduce your usage. If you don't really need to upgrade, look at other ways of cutting costs, like removing unwanted files or data, conserving bandwidth by compressing data, remove unnecessary tools which consume resources, keep an eye on usage spikes and logs.

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