Where Do You Buy Your Puppy?

You will understand the behavior and the level of intelligence of your dog when you know the how it is raised by their breeder. While you are excited to bring home a dog, there are things to be considered first, for example; when, where and from whom you will buy your pet. Usually pets from a pet store are bred by a mass-breeder. Here are some factors to consider before buying your pet from a pet store:

Early Puppy Training

Studies show that early upbringing of pets results in behavioral patterns. When puppies are taken away from their mother too early, it will be deprived of motherly love and bonding with its siblings when early dog training begins. A pet that is isolated and has been caged for a long time will often have behavioral problems as it has not been given the chance to check out its own environment. Pets that are usually displayed for sale have little understanding of correct behavior and may imitate behavior from its roommate or the pet beside its cage.

It has been shown that dogs display significantly less favorable behavior when bought from a store. They often possess anxiety, aggressiveness especially to humans, lesser understanding, difficulty coping in puppy training sessions, may eat less as it is used to small feedings and may eat more as it is hungry all the time, greater separation-related problems and house soiling.


When you buy your dog, you should know if the seller's priority is the pet's health. It is very important to ask the seller about the family line of the pet as this indicates its health condition. The factors may include its breed and history. Some backyard breeders breed all the time giving the mother no break from producing puppies which will result to poor health for both her and her offspring, this can affect nourishment of the puppies and may result to sick, underweight and ill puppies.

Where Do Puppies Live?

Puppy mills and backyard breeder raise from fifty to hundreds of dogs at a time and put the pets in one living environment as it more convenient for them when it comes to shipment and pure profit.A puppy that is sick is not given special treatments nor is the pack separated from ill member thus, viruses are spread and causes widespread health problems. The puppies that you see displayed in a store may look well-groomed however they may come from over packed cages putting them at risk of having a severe illness and malnutrition.

If you plan to have a pet that may be your companion for a lifetime then you should consider all these factors to avoid heartbreak. Dogs are living creatures that should be treated well as they can be your savior someday.

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