Why 911 Was A Conspiracy

There are many questions and theories regarding the legitimacy of the commission report issued by the Federal Governement regarding 9/11. Many wonder whether or not it was it an inside job or ifthe towers brought down using a controlled demoltion. These are all questions that have been speculated over and over again. Many have said that the entire attack was a global conspiracy set to bring about a Global Government. Countless others have said that it was orchestrated by the Bush Administration to bring in oil money for Dick Cheney and his company Haliburtion. There have been many videos made and an entire movement has been started call the 911 truth movement.

Theory 1-- Towers were brought down

It seems strange that the twin towers collapsed at free fall speed when they were only hit at the top third of their height. Why wouldn't the tops of each building slowly fall down first instead of the whole building coming down at once? Many skeptics say that the jet fuel released by the planes was strong enough to weaken the entire metal struture of the builidng. If this was true wouldnt the lower floors be more structurally in tact by the time the other floors collapsed?

Theory 2 -- Building 7

The twin towers weren't the only two buildings that fell on 9/11. A third building, building 7 also fell a few hours later. It was claimed to have fallen by fire and from the falling debris of the other two building, which many suspect as false information. The building fell in the same free fall manner as the other two buildings which seems unusual. It is difficult to imagine how would this even be possible.

Theory 3-- NORAD drills

It has been said that the Government was conducting NORAD drills of a terrorist attack in NYC the day of 9/11. Another source shows that air traffic control in the DC area was warned about a possible hijacking coming from Boston around 50 minutes before the Pentagon was hit, however nothing was done to stop it.

Theory 4-- Pentagon

There has been much said about the attack on the Pentagon on 911 as well. A plane hit the building, however there is no video footage anywhere showing the acutal impact. No one seems to have actually seen the plane hit the builidng. Therefore, conspiracies have risen that the builidng was hit by a missle. There is one local video from a gas station nearby, however the impact occurs during a blip in the screen and is unable to be visable.

Discussion on the possible theories behind the 9/11 attacks. Was it a conspiracy? Who was involved? What are the different ways the buildings could've came down if not for the planes. For more visit http://911conspiracy.tumblr.com

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