Why Bicycling May Be Adding To Your UTI

Bicycling - Riding a bicycle is a great way to burn calories but, over time, it can also increase your predisposition to developing UTI. Women in particular should be more mindful of their genital area after bicycling for prolonged periods of time.

The genital area of a woman is always in contact with the seat of a bicycle; this contact generates heat, friction, and a moist environment for bacteria to grow. Make sure that you wash your private area with soap after bicycling, and change undergarments immediately after you get home.

Never wear undergarments you've used during cycling at home, as these are bound to be full of bacteria already. Bacteria, as you may already know, occurs naturally on the skin, and we can't really eliminate them all through washing.

You can avoid UTI by just paying attention to better hygiene so bacteria will not be a problem, even if you are cycling or working out.

Diuretic Beverages - Some beverages can cause and/or exacerbate a urinary tract infection. Among the most notorious for causing urinary issues are coffee and alcohol. Let's talk about these two, and why you should definitely avoid them if you want to stave off future run-ins with UTI.

Coffee (and other caffeinated beverages such as energy drinks), beer, hard liquors, and wines all have a diuretic effect on the body. Diuretic substances encourage frequent urination.

Now, you might be thinking - isn't urinating a good thing, since it helps carry away bacteria? Yes and no. If you are urinating frequently because you are consuming lots of clean and pure water, then you are flushing out toxins and bacteria.

However, if you are drinking caffeinated beverages and alcohol, you will still be urinating even if you are not consuming additional water. Urinating frequently, even if you are not well-hydrated, will result in dehydration.

Dehydration itself has been associated with irritated urinary bladders and a higher risk for urinary tract infection.

A urinary tract infection can be tricky to manage if you don't know the basics of home treatment. And UTI can be a recurrent issue if you don't know how to prevent this condition from arising in the first place. In today's two-fold discussion, we will be discussing how you can get fast relief from UTI, and how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Consult with your physician if you haven't already done so. Urinary tract infections are a serious medical issue, and complications can be severe. Self-medicating for UTI is not possible, unless you yourself are a doctor with the proper training.

Natural remedies for UTI will not work as well as antibiotics, and you may end up harming yourself permanently if you choose to avoid antibiotic treatment. As for the role of natural remedies, these should only be used complementarily, to speed up recovery. Natural remedies for UTI may also be used to prevent UTI in the future.

Samantha Knowles is the author of several websites dedicated to self improvement. To learn how to get real relief from a urinary tract infection check out http://utianswers.com/immediate_relief_for_uti.html

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