Why Do You Need to Conduct a Dog Training?

There are countless of tricks that you may teach your dog and dog training process should always be fun so that your dog will be more proactive when it's time for new tricks. Always give a reward when your dog does a good job as they will be more motivated when they are appreciated. Appreciation can be shown through stroking their head or neck, kissing, giving it treats and most of all give a few breaks so that it can regain its interest in the dog training.

Why do you need to train your dog?

1. Dog training enhances the dog's intelligence and eliminates behavioral problems. Is your dog barking for no reason at all? Dogs bark because of their territorial nature and if they are behaviorally trained then they will just bark if there is a real threat or danger. Training your dog is a way to earn your dog's respect and trust. You can learn more about your dog's behavior if you train your dog.

2. If you are a dog owner, you should assume that you are your dog's pack leader. Dogs are used to their packs and can only be tamed and trained by their leader. You can bond with your pet and have lots of fun while training as dogs love learning and love being appreciated, so training can be a good way of doing this.

3. Whatever tricks you teach your dog, it can still benefit both of you. Prioritize the tricks that can help enhance the survival instinct of your dog such as sit, stay, jump and more. Some dogs slip from their collar and find themselves in a busy street, when they are trained they know how to sit and wait for their owner. On the other hand when a dog is not trained it may then become confused and anxious on the street and run into an accident prone area.

4. When your dog has learned about basic tricks, you can proceed to advance dog training with techniques that can be useful such as bringing you the newspaper from the door, giving you its bowl on feeding time or closing the door. Teaching them these tricks may be easier when they have already experienced the process of training multiple times.

Suggested dog trainings:

- shake;

- roll over;

- catch;

- close the door;

- open a box;

- get objects;

- bark on command;

- retrieve needed objects;

- weave through your legs;

- jump low objects;

- crawl under a chair or low table;

- put rubbish in the bin.

The Dog Training Source specializes in providing training advice to dog owners. Whether you want your dog to sit, stop barking, walk nicely on the lead or simply just be quiet - this is the place for you.

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