Why Does One Often Go Through Living Hell to Get to Heaven?

This is obviously not something too many would contemplate but it is a fact. Most people will do anything to get to heaven even if they have to go through living hell to do it. What could be more hell like than killing oneself in the belief that God expects you to do it, as in the case of suicide bombers and those who sacrifice their lives for other reasons? The terrorists who stormed the cockpits of planes and brought about the 9/11 disasters were determined that by such action they served their god and would live forever in Paradise.

What type of mental conditioning can lead us to believe in something for which there is no positive evidence? For something to exist it must have a presence of some type. It should appear to one of our senses; either sight; taste; hearing; smell; touch; or feelings. If there is no contact with one or more of these then it can not exist.

Soldiers often believe that they do the will of God by going into battle and serving their country. They kill and maim others, live in appalling conditions, suffer the worst that humanity has to bear and return home often destroyed by post-traumatic stress or some other disorder. Many lose limbs and some even their eyes. The scars rarely disappear.

There are many other scenarios that could be listed here and all are as tragic as each other. There is something within our inner being that drives us and it often stops one from taking a step that heads to the wrong path. But what is that? To defy that inner voice some will earn the title of 'hero' and be considered brave.

The inner voice is the Spirit. This is not a visible God but it can be felt, heard and even tasted. It changes moods and directs our emotions. It makes us happy and sad. It gives and it takes away. It is responsible for the hell many experience in life and, likewise, for the easy rides others might enjoy as they pass through.

But everyone at some time or other will go through a form of hell in their daily lives. Sometimes it is because of money or the lack of it. It can cause some to suicide, others to commit crimes and serve years in jail, for some it is often a reason for murder. Jealousy is a prime motivator for crime and the idea that one always wants more is the silencer of the inner voice.

Not everything man does is stressful as we are given many happy times and people to love. We are often blessed with plenty to eat, nice homes to live in and something riches to help us along the way. But many have nothing. They live on streets, in slums, and they fight or beg for whatever they can acquire. Even then, however, they will often claim they believe in heaven and that one day their lot will change.

What is it about heaven that drives so many into such pits of despair? What is it about humanity that allows it all to happen? Does this great paradise even exist and if not how did man become such an authority on it?

Norma's true reincarnation story overturns heaven and hell for our eternal destination. Her site heaven is hell explains her views of heaven.

Norma was commissioned 30 years ago to tear down the wall that hides the truth. She has worked exclusively for the Spirit ever since.

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