Why Don't I Always Receive The Freebies I Order?

The first thing you need to understand is that you don't order a Freebie, you request one. By that I mean an order can usually be described as a product or service you buy in exchange for a payment, whereas a freebie is typically something you ask for on a request form.

When you request a Freebie and never receive it, it's most important that you understand that it does not necessarily mean that the company providing the offer was not legitimate, or the offer was fake, or that the whole thing was just a phishing exercise to get you to share your personal information.

It's normal not to receive all the freebies you request; to understand why, you need to be aware that when a company makes a freebie offer, it is always based on a limited number of products.

Further, the free products are almost always distributed on a first come first served basis. So the main reason you don't always receive the freebies you request is usually because the offer was exhausted before you requested it.

How to get the majority of the freebies you request successfully delivered to your home.

The key to successfully acquiring freebies is to make sure your requests for them are made as soon as possible after the offer becomes available. Although this sounds easy, it's actually far from it!

The problem is, most freebies are never officially announced; companies tend to just launch them, without any bells or whistles. The reason for this is most companies that offer free products want to avoid advertising costs when they are distributing them for free.

Because companies rarely announce free offers, unless you are spending countless hours on constantly researching the Internet to find them, the chances are, by the time you find them, the offers are exhausted.

How to find freebies quickly, before they run out

You have two options, but the first one is barely viable.

1 Find them yourself

Finding freebies yourself is a very time consuming and frustrating adventure. Constantly reviewing company websites, Google, forums, news channels and other sources looking for freebies takes up a massive amount of time. In addition to the time and effort you have to put in to find them, you also have to filter out all the scams and worthless offerings you will come across. The bottom line is, if you intend to find free offerings without third party assistance, you need to have a lot of spare time on your hands, along with the patience of a saint.

2 Find a reputable and reliable Freebie Site

The best way to stay on top of new freebie offerings, without having to undertake the enormous task of doing your own market research, is to find a reputable and reliable Freebie Site.

The best Freebie Sites take the time and effort to find genuine freebies on a daily basis; they then present them to you in the most efficient way possible - just one click to get to the company page where you can request your freebie. Such reputable sites are an invaluable tool to anyone that enjoys a good hunt for freebies.

Of course, anyone can do their own market research and hunt for freebies on their own, but why would anyone want to spend all that valuable time and effort when they can find sources that remove all the necessary leg work?

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