Why Has WordPress Hosting Become More Popular In India?

Almost every popular web designer in India either recommends WordPress to his clients or sells them a CMS system which he has been using for his other clients. Gone are the days when website development was all about the laborious task of providing mock ups and layouts to the client and then having a long email exchange which took months on end to reach to a conclusion. This article deals with the sudden popularity of WP Development and WordPress Hosting in India.

Turn Around Time

The most important reason why WordPress has become so popular in India, is due to the fact that it can help you setup a website in a very short time. It installs quickly, you can put in your content in a jiffy and you can also get a lot of images up on your website. The key point for WP is that it is a ready made skeleton, which just needs filling in. Although India is known as a hub for Information Technology services, the number of quality professionals is fast diminishing. This means that there are a large number of incompetent or unprofessional developers, who are flooding the market with their SEO and advertising, but are unable to deliver the goods to the client. This means that all those who want to setup their website and get an online presence are stuck due to lack of a facilitator. WordPress eliminates that void, by providing a ready solution which cuts down the number of excuses that a developer can make.


The market for WordPress professionals is so large, that a customer can confidently jump into getting a WP website developed, without thinking twice about the long term dependence on a specific person or agency. Even if he doesn't have an inhouse team to execute the work, there are numerous freelance professionals available online to choose from. WordPress is a PHP / MySQL based system which everyone is familiar with. Most programmers will be able to handle customizations or tweaks and can easily take on large projects.

Relative Simplicity

Adding content, updating a WordPress page, upgrading WordPress, managing authors, integrating with payment systems can all be done with relative simplicity. Some of the best web hosting services provide auto-installers and management system for WordPress which will allow you to quickly manage and backup your website. Other providers who offer managed WP services will also add extra features for caching and security so that your website gets that extra boost.


India is a very price sensitive market. People will jump to use a free product or service. WordPress fulfills that need and provides an excellent Open Source system ideal for the Indian market. The paradox about the Indian market is that if a free thing clicks, people will pay handsomely to get the most out of it. Similarly, WordPress is an excellent opportunity for allied service providers like WordPress Hosting and WordPress Customization services. Though there is a vast potential for tapping consumers in India, not many have been able to reach exponential success.

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