Why the Outbursts of Sudden Temper Tantrums in Autistic Children?

Sudden outbursts of temper tantrums in autistic children is baffling to a parent or parents, of a child with autism. Autism itself is a puzzle, with the medical community offering treatments that work in some specific children, and remain useless in others. Although there is much funding being given to the cause of autism for the medical research to go forward and develop the reasons, and control the sudden outbursts and temper tantrums, it is nonetheless a continue challenge to parents.

It is important to recognize that many parents, dedicated to helping their children lead, what is considered to be normal lives, have developed many creative ways to curb this behavior and decrease the number of tantrums their children experience. It is an excellent idea to find a support group on the internet, or gather information from your doctor that will give you a better understanding about outbursts of temper tantrums in autistic children. There are numerous web sites and networks that are available to help parents and assist other individuals for help and suggestions. Often, parents can suggest ideas that have worked for them, or guide you away from treatments that may not actually help your child from their own experiences.

Autism has three main, distinct characteristics. The first is difficulty with communications. The second is repetitive actions, for example, slapping and banging. The third, the one that is being discussed in this article, is, socially challenging behaviors, the most obvious being temper tantrums.

One factor that is noted in autistic children with temper tantrums, is, they usually have extreme long tantrums with no end in sight. While other children who do not have the disorder of autism, have temper tantrums also, but they feel some sense of satisfaction following a tantrum. Children with autism do not. Comforting the child with autism or attempting to give them what they want will not help, because it is not necessarily the tantrum that is demanding an object or attention. It could be contributed to overstimulation, or something that you may not recognize. The reason for causing these tantrums can have a wide range of variations. Because almost all children display temper tantrums, it is important not to jump to conclusions and assume your child is autistic because of tantrums. Often, a child who has not been diagnosed with autism is usually going through a stage and will recover from it as they age

Because tantrums are regular in childhood behavior, a doctor will not rush to diagnose autism. If you feel that your child may be autistic due to meeting many of the other criteria of autism, it is important to document these things prior to going to your doctor. If your child does not enjoy socializing, does not have the need to communicate, or has lost communication skills that he once had, this may be a sign of autism. In addition, if a child is easily overstimulated or overwhelmed, does not maintain eye contact, or exhibits repetitive behavior, this too could be a sign of autism. It is imperative not to jump to conclusions, but get a medical diagnosis from a doctor, who is knowledgeable of what autism is.

Sudden outbursts of temper tantrums in autistic children are upsetting to parents. Keep in mind, that there are many treatments and resources available to help you through this difficult and upsetting time. You want to help your child be in a safe environment, where their tantrums can eventually be eliminated.

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