Why You Must Generate Competition When Car Shopping

As you begin your quest to find your best car deal and you find yourself at your first dealership, you want to make sure that the salesperson is fully aware that you are car shopping, but they need to offer you their best possible deal, because you will buy from whoever offers the best car deal.

It's best to be able to get the car dealer to put their offer on some sort of worksheet. If they don't seem to eager to do that (and most wont) then have the salesperson put all the numbers (including fees) on their business card. Regardless, of how you get their offer, make sure it is written down on something.

The goal as you start out is to create competition for your business. In fact, many car dealerships will have the sales manager or a closer come out and do a meet and greet before you exit, just so they can see if there is anyway they can earn your business. Don't be shy or offended, it's their job and they will probably come across to you a bit more direct and forceful because they want to at least try to make the deal happen. Plus, a sales manager can make on the spot decisions and offers that the salesperson just isn't allowed to do.

The best way to deal with this in a non-confrontational way is to just politely let them know that you are just shopping and not deciding today. But once you do determine the best car price amongst the offers, you will be buying a car.

From here, you simply visit a couple more dealers that have the car you want and just wash, rinse, and repeat.

With each dealer that you visit while car shopping this process will become a bit easier and quicker. Just don't be so quick that you don't come across as a serious prospective buyer... remember you want to create competition while you're out car shopping.

The standard response will be that whatever price you eventually come up with, just bring it back here and we'll beat it. We'll of course they would... and by the way... don't even discuss a number that you're looking for... you only want to get their best offer so you can compare. And make absolutely sure that the (written)offer that they give includes any additional fees.

No matter how forceful of a close they try to put on you, just stick to your guns and assure them that whoever presents the best offer will indeed earn your business.

If the salesperson or sales manager appears to get a bit frustrated with you, don't worry, it's only because you are in control and not them. Besides, this is where the salesperson earns their keep, and if they are good at it and persistent, they earn a customer that they can keep.

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