Why You Should Call a Deck Contractor

A home is never complete without a backyard. It gives homeowners an outdoor oasis where they can barbeque, have family events, or just relax after a hard day's work. Many, though, have a hard time trying to utilize their backyard, or simply do not have the space to make use out of it. One of the most effective and best looking ways to completely revamp your outside area is to construct a deck. Building a deck is valuable additions to any household, because of the many purposes it can be used for. The best part is, you can design your deck to fit your needs. It's as easy as picking up the phone, and getting an estimate from your local deck contractor. The beauty of decks is that they can be placed in various places that are convenient for you!

Many people choose to build decks because their back yard area is on a hillside. Building a deck on a hillside lets you utilize the area in which you could not have used before. It's hard to hold backyard activities on an uneven surface. That's why a deck is key to maximizing your yards use. A deck on a hill side requires foundation work, in which support beams attached to the ground and joists are used to hold up the deck. Another option for those thinking about building a deck over a hillside is a cantilever deck. This type of support has joists coming out from the walls of the house to maintain support for the deck, rather than having supports coming to the ground. These type of decks must be done properly from the help of a deck contractor. This is useful especially for those who want to build a deck over a steep hillside or cliff.

Another viable option for people, who want to have a deck, is to build one over an existing living space. Often times, this means building a deck on top of the roof of your house. This requires waterproof decking, so that no moisture can leak into your house. A waterproof deck membrane is extremely important, because water leakage can cause serious structural damage to your house. Contact, specifically, a waterproof deck contractor if you plan on building over your house. If done correctly, a deck over your house will give you more useable surface area without taking away from any other space in your yard. Also, you can't beat the vantage point that your deck will bring from above your house.

Deck construction is often complex and confusing. Your best bet for building your ideal deck, is to hire a deck contractor. A deck builder can assist you throughout your project, to turn your image of the perfect deck into a reality. The primary responsibility of the deck builder is to acquire the proper materials and ensuring that the deck is built properly. Along with that, the contractor is liable for getting the right building permits, so that your deck is built legally and safely. Make sure to choose your deck builder carefully, insuring they have a current contracting licenses. When choosing the designs for a deck, the possibilities are endless. Whichever way you choose to construct your deck, you won't be unsatisfied with the new addition to your home.

Paul Gordon is an award winning deck contractor in the San Francisco Bay Area, having a extensive background in waterproofing going back 20 years. Now, he is the President of Golden Gate Enterprises located in Castro Valley, CA, which services include

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