Why You Should Get Double Paned Windows for Your Home

By Fred Nichols

Double paned windows are made of two layers of glass with an insulating material in between. The insulating material may be a vacuum or a glass-filled space.

Double paned windows are made of two layers of glass with an insulating material in between. The insulating material may be a vacuum or a glass-filled space. Double paned windows beat conventional windows glass for the following reasons:

Insulative properties

Energy loses mainly occur through your windows and doors. Your HVAC system has to constantly work to maintain the indoor temperature since heat is constantly being lost through the windows if you have single paned glass. The insulative properties of double paned glass ensures that no heat is lost through the windows and that environmental conditions outside do not affect the temperature indoors.

Energy saving benefits

With double pane windows you can save a lot of money from your utility bills. In most homes built in the recent past energy efficient construction is a huge factor of concern. With the energy crisis we have today, any small effort towards saving energy goes a long way. Even if your home is older replacing regular windows with double pane glass can make a significant difference in your homes energy expenditure.

Noise reduction

Double pane glass windows are also good for noise reduction. The windows prevent transmission of sound from either side of the windows. If you live in a very noisy area like next to a railway or busy highway, the noise reduction quality of double paned glass can come in quite handy.

Protection from sun damage

You can also find double pane glass windows with a UV protection feature. Long-term exposure to UV rays can cause skin cancer, discoloration of furniture and even affect your vision. Double pane glass windows allow the light to pass through without the heat and damaging effect of the UV rays. This creates a more comfortable environment inside the house and keeps your furniture and soft furnishings looking good as new.

Modern decorative designs

Double pane windows come in various finishing designs. The decorative frames made of wood, plastic or vinyl come in a variety of styles and colors to match your home. You have a huge selection of choice depending on the manufacturer and specific design you are looking for. There is always something for everyone. They are also very easy to clean keeping your home looking pristine and elegant.

Different options available for different climates

Double pane windows come in various options depending on the climate where you live. Some have specialized UV coating that allows the solar energy to get through the glass so you can reduce heating bills in very cold climates. In hot regions, UV coating is kept at a maximum so no solar energy can get through.

Energy star rating

When buying double pane glass windows, remember to check for the energy star label. This label is given to products that meet the highest level of energy saving qualities in their design according to the U.S Department of Energy grant. They meet the most serious energy-saving requirements that make them the ideal option for use in their application.

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