Why You Should Use Camtasia In Your Affiliate Campaigns

In case you are not familiar with "Camtasia" here is a brief description and explanation of what it is. Camtasia is the name of a piece of serious software for making and viewing online videos. It's been around for a few years and is still at the forefront for online video in spite of the alternative competition that has arrived on the scene.

It's even more relevant today with the growth of social media such as Facebook and YouTube, to market online with video. If you want to succeed with affiliate marketing then you will definitely need to have video online.

It's almost impossible in today's online marketing to have a successful web presence without having some form of a video presentation. This can be in the form of a whiteboard display, animation, video demonstration etc. The list for a video presentation is endless.

Camtasia provides you with the tools and means of achieving this. Granted there are numerous alternative video production packages available on the market but few, if any, are the complete package allowing you to achieve all of your video requirements.

One of the great things about Camtasia is that you can get into it at any level. For instance, there are spin-off versions for people who only require the minimum basics or you can dive in and become a full-time professional. It's very much like Photoshop or Dreamweaver in its simplicity or complexity.

So what exactly are you able to do with this software?

Have you ever wanted to record your desktop activity with just one click of your mouse, no problem with this software? No tedious compiling of files, just click and save.

As an affiliate, you may well want to convert your videos into web pages so that your customers can log in and purchase your affiliate recommendations, no problem for Camtasia.

Having made your videos, you may want to upload your pages, create blogs from your pages, or even make podcasts and have RSS feeds.

These are great methods for getting your sales messages spread around the web. Of course, the potential of using this software to promote your affiliate programs is limited only by your own imagination and creativity. For instance your could:

Wow, your customers by creating elegant multimedia presentations. These are proven to increase sales because they engage with all of your customer's senses, which in turn break down their perceived defenses for not engaging with you.

You could use your videos to demonstrate to customers how to use or get the best out of your products. This will definitely reduce the number of refunds and customer queries. If there is one thing that all marketers would like to avoid it's the number of complaints, genuine or otherwise.

Include numerous links throughout your videos or presentation for other affiliate products or services. By clicking on your video links, they can be offered alternatives that may better suit their needs. In this way, you still make a sale but more importantly you retain the customer as a long-term client.

Video presentations are now being used as squeeze pages or opt-in pages. Instead of being taken to a new page the opt-in information can be presented within the video itself. This can have a much higher opt-in rate than conventional squeeze pages.

Instead of using a standard opt-in page plus upsells and one time offers you can structure your video to include all of your sales spiel and products. This is viewed by potential clients as being a more acceptable way of trying to sell to them.

This is just a small selection of things you can achieve with Camtasia. View it primarily as a tool for promoting your business and products and then when you are done with the business of day it can also be used for personal entertainment, such as home movies etc. another good reason to get on board.

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