Will You Try To Be Informed About Autism? Find Out What You Can Do

Being informed about autism today, seems to be more clear and make more sense than many years ago. When I was younger, I never heard the word autism and if I did, I was not relating to it, and had no clue or idea what it meant.

Just what is autism and how can we try to be informed about the disorder or subject? Many people, including today, are not aware of what autism is. Autism has been defined as a physical disorder of the brain. Each child is different and the symptoms vary according to age and their abilities and sometimes their environment.

To understand autism and be informed to what it is, you need to understand the symptoms. What are the symptoms to be informed and relate to it? There are many symptoms and clues to what autism is, but you need to know these symptoms or at least some of them.

There is the inability of most children with autism that, they are limited to social skills.

They show no interest or very little interest, to interact with other children.

They do not understand verbal expression of emotions, or how relate to them.

Their eye contact is limited.

They seem to be happy in an isolated environment.

They have limited social skills to interact with other children or individuals.

They do not know how to communicate.

They love routine, not changes.

They sometimes do self-injury, banging head and have a spacial stare

To be informed about autism, you must read about it, be patient, persistent, network with other individuals who have children with autism. Join groups to share your information you have obtained.

Start, create, organize an autism book club, where you gather with friends, family and people who are interested about autism. Meet once a month or every two weeks at different homes of the people within the book club and discuss, review the books, information and take notes on the discussion to be informed. Share your experience with other individuals within the groups.

By doing these small things and being creative, you open the doors to new and better areas to continue to be informed on the different levels of autism.

I believe with all my heart, never give up on your child, no matter how frustrating it is, or difficult it may seem. When you become educated on autism, doors open to be more informed and you learn and grow and with time, your child with autism does not seem to be as frustrating as it was.

Believe in your self and your child. Never, never, give up.

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