Willpower and Patience: Building Wellness Routines

There's a huge difference between dieting and casual exercise and dieting and rigorous exercise. You might think your daily walk around the park is giving you all you need, but in reality, the only way to achieve dramatic visual results with your workout routine is to really commit to a technique that aggressively targets multiple muscle groups in rapid cycling. You need the bootcamp style workouts that sports professionals and serious physical fitness aficionados really trust to get to where they need to be and maintain that sense of all over wellness.

My gym knows that there are NoDaysOFF when it comes to taking care of yourself. Your health is the total package - mind, body and spirit. There are all kinds of different ways to practice self-care, and taking care of yourself has to mean more than just skipping that extra slice of cake at dessert, or taking a walk to work once a week instead of driving. It's a total restructuring of the way that you think about yourself and your individual wellness.

When we start working out, most of us think of it as something akin to punishment, an inconvenience that's preventing us from leading the hedonistic and super comfortable lifestyle of constant snacking and couch potato life. This way of thinking of diet and exercise doesn't make any sense, but sometimes it takes a few weeks for that habit to build and for you to really fall in love with the way a good workout and a clean body can make you feel. The start is always the most difficult part, but once conquered, you end up with a whole new perspective - and this is the perspective that carries sports professionals, athletes, and hardworking individuals all over the world.

Starting out was exhausting, but the support of my group training partners helped me foster a belief in really trying to make this work. After all, it makes sense; take care of your body and it will take care of you. It was the golden rule of Kindergarten; treat others the way you want to be treated. now, apply that to your physical health. It makes sense, right? If all you do is eat things that are bad for you and don't do anything to help your system process all of that nastiness, it is poison. Of course you'll end up feeling sluggish and less alert!

I'm lucky to have found a Miami based gym close to home that understands that concept. Looking over and seeing vastly successful physical professionals training beside me reminds me how far I have to go, and how far I have come, and my personalized fitness plan has been expertly tailored to fit my needs and continue pushing my boundaries. It doesn't make sense to treat your body like anything other than what it is; your absolute vehicle to accomplishing anything and everything in your life. Taking care of your body gives you more energy, a boost to mental health and physical health alike, and just makes you look and feel better.

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