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Enabled by fine workmanship and elegance of weavers, Pochampally, is serving the best products with fashionable yet classic appearances. Widening its constitution from the enriched land of Andhra Pradesh, Pochampally is now showcasing its stuff to the world.

Pochampally saree is something that can add an extra bit of elegance and spark to any attire, whether it is traditional Indian attire or pure western. Pochampally is not only an interesting photomontage of tradition, heritage, history, and modernity, but also widely known for its style of weaving and designing. It is also named as 'Silk City of India'. One can see tremendous trendy varieties and heavy sign of classical weavings in Pochampally. Pochampally has always had a high reputation for its quality of fabrics, weavings and styles and it has an ability of uplifting the whole textile industry with one hand. The fabrics of Pochampally denote the royalty and richness of South Indian heritage. Its rich look and long lasting textures make this type a South Indian bride's top pick. Though it is a South Indian variety, the demand for this top notching variety has been raised to international level and today, it is one of the highly reputed and eye popping attire of international women.

To denote royalty and richness, irrespective of tradition and cultures, there exists a certain type of attire in every country. In India, it is undoubtedly Pochampally. This aesthetic artwork traces its origin to the 18th century, where the era which witnessed the mystic beauty of this fabric emerging out of the Pochampally town. This Ikkat is having its roots in Bhoodan Pochampally, Nalgonda district of India. Since 1800s, Pochampally is popular with silk route traders, which are the symbols of luxury and power.

However, during 1970s, the panel of headmen of Pochampally decided to blend the essence of cotton and silk by weaving them together to upscale their livelihoods. This weaving journey took the skilled weavers of the Pochampally town to Bangalore, and thus marked the beginning of this popular artwork, which floored millions across the world.

Pochampally follows Ikkat weaving through warp and weft of yarns. Here, the essence of fabric consists of a unique concoction of silk, cotton and sico. Mostly the natural elements and sources are taken into the weaving process. As per the advancement in today's designs, motifs, styles and patterns, the new age fashion designers of Pochampally are designing these sarees by keeping in mind the changing fashion tastes of fashion track generation. Now, Pochampally silk is all the way about imprinting the intricate motifs and designs through the smoothest and finest threads works.

Pochampally silk sarees of dark Ikkat designs are most appealing wear for functions and festive. Pochampally cottons are light weighted, hence looks stylish as well as comfortable during summer seasons. Designer Pochampally sarees with heavy embroidery works are apt for bridal and wedding ceremonies. The classic Pochampally is desperately in need of revival in terms of the industry and the product, so as to preserve this rich silk textile heritage.

Akeera About the Author :a freelancer long associated with ethnic fabrics, known for her special leaning towards ethnic sarees. She enjoys the privilege of being a part-time consultant to Unnati Silks. She may be contacted on 040-64555251 or 97000 57744 between 9 A.M.and 3 P.M. E-mail her at

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