You Admit You Are Depressed Because You Have an Autistic Child. How do You cope?

What is depression? It is defined as "a hollow; being in a low state; a state of sadness: dejection." You admit you are depressed because you have an autistic child. You have every right to own those feelings and admit how you are feeling. How do you cope?

It is difficult to cope with any kind of shocking news. The news that your own child, has been diagnosed with autism, is a challenge to accept.

If you think you will not be happy until all your circumstances are right, you will never be happy. Your depression will continue.

I am one of those people who felt down, depressed, lost, and felt I was the only person in the world who had a brother who was diagnosed with his disorder.

You may feel depressed as parent(s), caregiver(s) and admit that you do, but, we all have experienced various times in our life when we feel down and depressed, for various reasons. Reasons that are out of our control. Such as your child being diagnosed with autism. You should not allow circumstances to control you.

It is a positive step forward in the right direction, now that you have admitted to the fact, that you are depressed. Of course you will feel frustration and distress and perhaps have unfulfilled hopes and dreams, due to the news of hearing your child is autistic. That does not mean you will not have the strength to cope.

When things or life does not go according to our plans, it is normal to feel disappointment. Do not trust your thoughts and feelings. That is one way to cope. It appears that your number one enemy is your emotions of depression. I know for a fact, that I tend to be led by my emotions and how I feel at times. Depression and emotions can change from each day.

Having an autistic child can bring many emotions of depression. You can learn to cope and make these emotions positive even though you have admitted you are depressed.

It is easy to follow every thought that comes to your mind, because your thoughts and feelings do not dictate the truth to you. You must not allow this to happen. When you give into these feelings and emotions of depression because your child is autistic, it will become more difficult for you to cope.

Admitting you are depressed because you have a child with the disorder of autism, does not mean you have to stay disappointed or discouraged. I have learned, that it is impossible to be hopeful and discouraged at the same time.

Once you admit you are depressed, it is time to learn how to cope and be in control of your emotions. Therefore, the real cause of your depression is not where your are, but your attitude about where you find yourself.

Remember, to cope with depression because your child is autistic, is to realize you will always have feelings; they will never go away, but you can make your feelings line up with your decisions.

You may be depressed because you are not able to face the truth about your child being autistic. You are not able to control your circumstance, but you do not have to allow what happens today, ruin your tomorrow. This will help you to cope.

When you face the truth that you have a child with autism and take responsibility for your actions and quit making excuses and blaming everyone else, you will become a stronger person and you will cope.

Are you willing to take inventory of yourself, now that you have admitted you are depressed and want to find out why? Do you want to turn the depression around, so that your emotions become positive? Will you make choices of knowing that each day has opportunities that will help you and your child grow? Will you take action and tell yourself, you will get through the depression, your child is important? Are you willing to seek out other parent(s), caregiver(s), who are going through depression because of the same situation you are involved with?

Your child who has autism, may bring you depression, and you have admitted it, but your child is a blessing and will bring you strength, as well.

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