You Think You Can Make Money From Home, Of Course You Can!

If You Think You Can Start a Successful Home Business You Probably Can

No doubt everybody has heard the children's tale 'The Little Engine That Could'. This classic story tells of a small train that works very hard and is subsequently able to pull a much larger train over a hill. Throughout the story, the train repeats the phrase "I think I can, I think I can". The little train has the right idea.

Then in Internet Marketing lore, is the motto: "if you think you can you probably can, and if you think you can't you are probably right". So to put them together, thinking that you can and telling yourself repeatedly that you can may be a great thing to do. Easy enough to remember, 'I think I can'. You may be confident enough to say 'I know I can' eventually. Whatever it takes, you can do it.

The point to both stories is that you have to fervently believe you can do something against all odds, and going up against all obstacles, real or perceived, and know that you will be the victor. Now it would be nice if this was all it takes - 'mind over matter' - however that is unlikely unless you have some kind of supernatural powers. You need to take action at the same time as you are riding on the momentum of your mantra of 'I think I can'. If you have both you have a powerful combination.

Think you can as you do things to promote your business development (that you may not understand in the beginning) - think you can when you ask yourself why you need to do it; or you wonder how to do it, and most of all when you ask how come you don't see any results yet; you have to keep riding on that wave of power that says you think you can. If you ever saw the cartoon that goes with the book of the 'Little Engine That Could' - you will know how hard he had to work pushing and chugging and chugging ahead to pull that heavy train up that hill. You will see the analogy after a few long days at your computer when you are starting your home business. It can be like pushing uphill in a hurricane of information, until you can focus on the tasks at hand. It's not hard, but it's not easy at first, either.

There is no excuse with 'I can't' (yes you can if you try hard enough); or 'I don't know how' (then learn); or 'I'm new' (so was every Internet millionaire at the beginning). If you are really determined to do something and it is something that you can control one way or the other, then there is no doubt that you will do it. How long will it take? No crystal ball here -it depends on lots of different things, but the primary one is how hard you are willing to try; because no matter what the obstacles or 'set-backs' be it just time or effort, you will find a way to get through it if you are really serious about your business.

It may be that a lot of people have trouble realizing that although working from home is a lot more fun than a 'real' job, and we are really free to work when and how we want to, we have to remember that it has to be taken very seriously - just like a job. True there is nobody there to infract you for being late or not completing your tasks, but YOU know and YOU need to force yourself to do what needs to be done otherwise you need a manager, you aren't one. Don't blame the program, service or product that you are trying to sell if it doesn't work for you. It is also not your sponsor or mentor's fault if YOU don't work it sufficiently. The responsiblity is yours if you are going to make your business work FOR YOU. If there are any of the above that you honestly determine are not performing to your expectations, then make a change to that component or element. OWN IT. Just remember that just like a 'real' job, the manager is the one who is considered responsible whether it goes well or not. You being your own boss are ultimiately the one who must always know definitely that YOU CAN succeed and YOU WILL.

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