Your Autistic Child Needs a Prepared Future-Do You Have One?

If you are parent(s), who have a child with the disorder of autism, you probably have concerns about what the future will hold for your child. Are you prepared for his or her future?

* Will your child be independent or will he or she need help assisting with the care? If so, how much will your child need?

* When you pass on, who will be able to give the care and love for your child?

* Being parent(s), of an autistic child, you will want to ask yourself questions about the needs and care for your child.

* Know your child. Know his or her strengths and weaknesses.

* What do you believe the level of your child is, regarding his or her capabilities and abilities? For example: Will your child be able to live on his or her own, without assisted help? If not, how much care do believe your child will need or feel comfortable with?

* What about the facility or place, your child will live at? Is he or she able to interact with other individuals who are autistic?

* Think about what you would consider to be the ideal or most advantageous life-style for your child. Be prepared for the future of your child.

* Take time to gather information about financial help. What is available, how much and how long will it continue?

* After you gather information to determine financial help, do you need to make financial arrangements for your child? If so, are there places in your area, that will help fund for the preparation that your child needs for his or her future?

* Are you aware that there may be government funds that could be available to help assist you with some financial help for your child? This may vary according to where you live.

* Be realistic to take the proper steps to prepare for the future of your child and you. This includes, the reality regarding the ability of what your child can and is not able to do.

* This is a tough question. Who will be the legal guardian for your child when he or she, becomes eighteen or twenty-one years of age?

* Be sure you have a Will made out and choose an executor for your estate. Choose one you feel you can trust and are confident the individual, will carry out the instructions properly.

These are some of the concerns to plan and be prepared for the future, if you have a child with the disorder of autism.

Take action now, and do not delay. All of these questions and concerns may be difficult and challenging for you to answer. But, if you do not take action and prepare for the future, you will not have the proper preparation. Confusion and stress will be your answer.

Are you willing to prepare for the future needs of your child with autism and take action?

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