Your Child Has Autism-How Do You Explain It to Your Family, Friends and Strangers?

Have you ever been embarrassed or did not know how to explain to your family, friends, and strangers that your child has autism? Many people do not know what autism is. Therefore, before explaining what autism is, learn about it, what it means and be updated as to what your child is experiencing.

Gaining knowledge about the disorder of autism is helpful before you choose to explain the disorder to your family, friends, and strangers.

There are many variations of autism that affect children in various ways. Learn what your child is experiencing, regarding the disorder of autism, then you will know and understand how to explain it to others.

I have known many people, who feel autism is a mental retardation problem and the person is born mentally retarded. This is not always true.

There are some children with autism who do have learning disabilities, some do have retardation. In addition, there are many people with the disorder of autism who are extremely brilliant.

Gaining knowledge about the strengths and weaknesses of your child, you will have the power to explain autism or as much as you choose, to your family, friends, and strangers, when you feel it is appropriate.

I remember when my friend and I went to a restaurant for lunch, we took her son who was the age of five with us, who had the disorder of autism.

We were eating our food in comfort and relaxing with enjoyment. That changed very quickly when her son displayed a tantrum and threw all of his food, his spoon, his glass on the floor filled with his beverage, then proceeded to throw his plate at the light fixture.

The episode of our lunch was embarrassing and I felt devalued by the customers starring at us, because my friend appeared to be a parent who could not control her child. This kind of behavior from the son of my friend, was heartbreaking.

Avoiding situations, such as public places, restaurants, super markets, parks, family holiday gatherings, special occasions is not always wise.

I feel the best way to involve your child in public places, is simply explain your child is autistic. It does not have to be a long and involved explanation.

Take the time to explain to family, friends, strangers that your child has the disorder of autism. If you feel they do not understand what autism is, be prepared to give an updated answer which applies to the behavior of your child.

Are you willing to do research on the disorder of autism to have a better understanding of what it is, to give an answer to your family, friends, and strangers when it is appropriate?

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