Your Options For Day Care Services

Day care services are very important to parents since they need a safe place to leave their little ones as they go to work or attend to other activities. You may need a part time or full time day care service, or you may only need day care during vacations. Different day care centers offer a variety of services and you cannot fail to identify one that will cater for your needs. You can get quality day care at Northern Beaches as there are accredited centers that will watch over your child when you are away.

Your Options For Day Care

There are different types of daycare services that are offered. If you would like your child to be taken care of from home, then you would need to hire a nanny or babysitter. You can ask friends, relatives or even your doctor to recommend someone.

Always make sure that you get references from them to confirm whether they have the necessary experience. You can decide to take your child to a family dare care. In this arrangement, your child will be cared for in a private home by a person who is registered. Your child will be in a small group of about seven children.

Care Outside School Hours

You may need your child to be taken care of in the morning before school hours or in the evening after school hours. You may also need day care services during the school holidays. There are day cares which provide these services so that you can drop off your child as early as seven in the morning and pick them at six in the evening.

During vacation, there are daycares that operate for up to twelve hours. These services can be offered in schools or community centers and are provided by trained educators. The programs in day care centers in Northern Beaches have to adhere to the local legislative requirements.

Long Day Care

Long day care is provided for at least ten hours per day during week days and normally ran for most of the year. They provide part time or full time care to your child. There are day cares which provide kindergarten programs once your child reaches three years old. The programs are usually ran for one hour per day for three year olds and for four hours per day for four year olds.

The kindergarten programs are taught by teachers who are trained in early childhood. Play is used as a technique for learning and your child's social skills are developed. Normally the children are put in groups according to their stage of development and age.

Information Needed By Day Cares

When you have identified a day care that you consider suitable for your needs, your child may be signed up immediately or may be placed in a waiting list. The day care will need to get personal details such as your child's name, gender, age and address.

The details of the parents or guardians will also be required. You may need to provide a birth certificate to verify the date of birth and provide information on immunizations given to your child. For your child's security, day care centers in Northern Beaches will ask for information about the people that are allowed to pick your child.

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